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 It was in 1981 that Etro decided to clothe the home. Fabrics came to life in a style that required a sophistication beyond just aesthetics, but which also embraced the materials and techniques used. The Paisley, with its unusual palm tree, is the mainstay of the collection of homewear fabrics, and allows itself to be coloured, interpreted and re-defined in a play on refined evocations. The textile culture of Etro home has roots that go deep, it is the knowledge of the art of fabrics that permits such a sophisticated mastering of the raw materials, closely combined with the priceless stylistic contents of the designs and motifs. Exquisitely entwined through location and history, the fabrics suggest and interpret signs from distant times. The collections of themes, the refined interpretations, the skilled studies on the frame, the value of the best fibres and the sophisticated finishes all exert their charm.